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Search with your own words and discover the best local businesses effortlessly on Fladov.

Once you find the right match, Fladov streamlines everything. Save favorites, leave reviews, book appointments, make purchases, enroll in classes, receive updates, send messages and much more – all with intuitive simplicity. Pay securely through our platform too.

Rely on Fladov as your exclusive guide to the best local businesses in your area.

Nothing less.

All the tools to find and engage with businesses near you, easily

Save time with a seamless experience from search to reviews to bookings - discover delightful details all in our platform.

Powerful Discovery Tools

Search, filter, bookmark - we've equipped you with everything needed to explore your local area efficiently.

Seamless Business Interactions

Quickly contact, book services, make purchases and pay local favorites without ever leaving the app.

Connected Community Hub

Browse local discussions, reviews and ratings to discover the best of your community. Share your own experiences to help others.

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Reach more customers than ever before with an intuitive business profile and powerful promotional tools.

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What makes us special


Beyond basic search, explore with everyday language.

Gone are the days of tedious keywords and filters. With Fladov, find what you're looking for as easily as asking a friend, whether it's a specific business or a general category.

Ask about "yoga classes this weekend" or "fun things to do with kids" and we'll surface the best local options."


Reviews you can trust™ with bite-sized summaries

Fladov shows you honest feedback from real community members.

But we take it further - advanced AI verifies ratings and reviews for authenticity and provides summaries so you can quickly grasp general opinions without reading every one.

Save time and make better discovery decisions with our reviewed review process!


One-Tap Bookings & Payments Made Simple.

Streamline your life with Fladov's all-in-one booking platform. Browse services and instantly reserve appointments, classes, tickets, or spaces with just a few taps.

Complete secure payments seamlessly from your profile and receive scheduling reminders for convenience.


Directly message businesses.

Interacting with local businesses you love is now seamless through Fladov\'s in-app messaging.

Reach out to ask questions, inquire about availability or request quotes right from business profiles. Stay connected with your community at your fingertips.


Rise to the Top with Fladov Fame.

Build your reputation through insightful contributions like reviews, discussions and complete profiles.

Profiles have a Fame rating that increases with engagement.
Higher Fame unlocks rewards - priority placement, moderation tools, status badges and more.

Reach the top to earn coveted online honors, boosting your Fame further.
But the real prize is fostering meaningful connections within the community.

Start leveling up your reputation today!.

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Fladov Pay™ - Secure Payments Made Simple.

Fladov Pay simplifies the payment process on Fladov, letting you focus on discovering great finds and supporting local businesses.

With Fladov Pay, you can shop, book and pay seamlessly within the community without borders or fees, and track your local spending insights.


Local Marketplace At Your Fingertips.

Fladov makes it easy to discover and buy products from local businesses. Browse items on business profiles, subscribe to memberships, and purchase items for pickup or delivery.

Best of all, Fladov Pay\'s integration means checking out is simple, quick, and fee-free.


Connect with the Community: friends, followers and forums.

On Fladov, you\'re part of a network.

Follow friends and businesses to stay updated on their latest activities.
Join local forums to discuss topics and share opinions with others.

Build your reputation and become a local influencer with Fladov Fame.


Security and Privacy First.

Fladov is committed to protecting your privacy and data security.
All personal information is encrypted, keeping your profile and financial information safe.

As a platform funded through business subscriptions, Fladov doesn\'t track, collect or sell your personal data - ensuring control and confidentiality.

...and so, so much more!

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